This is a project we just finished working on in school. Waiting for comments first. More details later 🙂

Later edit:

Ok, here’s the official description of the project, which was part of our Critical Design course in K3, Malmö:

SocioSwitch, Malmö
Elif Ergür, Jansu, Mads Winther Nielsen, Chad Petersen

Switching sides
We present advertisements for an imaginary company offering two main “social switch” services:
the Instant Society Integrator helps people ‘outside’ of the system integrate into society.
the Instant Society Segregator helps people ‘trapped’ in the system escape to freedom.

Comparing the two sides
The advertisements use the same format, but have opposite content. One depicts people outside of the system as lost, hopeless and homeless, and presents the system as salvation. The other one show those inside the system as trapped, frustrated and enslaved, and invites them to find freedom and happiness on the other side.

Which is better? Being inside or outside of society? What are the upsides and downsides to each? And how much of it is it really a matter of choice? These are the questions our design tries to address.


5 Responses to “SocioSwitch”

  1. 1 Lorein

    Congratulations for the movies! It would actually be interesting to have this for real. Do you have a trial period for SocioSwitch? 😛

  2. 2 stauciuc

    Currently we don’t have a trial version. But you can of course use our services to switch back and forth as many times as you like!

  3. pretty cool!
    i love systems who balance the wonders of life.

  4. 4 bogdanvursu

    The obvious answer would be that you need a little of both. To be able to enjoy life you need to permanently switch between the two services.

  5. 5 stauciuc

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    Interesting observation, Bogdan. Our teacher had a similar one, saying that maybe the two services are too polarized, when in fact in reality you may want certain pieces of each, and being able to easily switch back at any time.
    On the one hand, I would agree that a more realistic service would work like that, on the other hand I could say we used the contrast on purpose, to make people find the grays for themselves.
    Either way, more thinking is needed for our concept before I can say I’m somewhat satisfied with it 🙂

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