Designing for Business as Unusual


IxDA has finally started posting the videos from the 09′ IxDA conference. The one I just watched was that of John Thackara, called Designing for Business as Unusual.

My reaction was quite predictable, I could say: a bit of depression and panique when re-realizing and remembering how bad things are with the world, followed by a lot of optimism seeing and remembering how many important changes are happening everywhere, followed by the dear old “I should be doing so much more to help, why am I doing so little?”

To do much more, I need to learn. To learn, I need time. To eat during that time, I need money. To get money, I need to do some kind of work. To work, I need more time (and ‘do well’ work isn’t so easy to come by yet, apparently).

Could someone tell me where to start?


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