The sixth sense from MIT


Here’s a quite cool demo from the people at MIT. My thoughts will be coming just a bit later.

Ok, here are my thoughts:

All the technologies they used in this concept are well-known to many of us. The magic isn’t in the technologies, but in the idea of putting them all together like that and in the stories they tell for the concept.

Looking at the video, I could probably bet most of their scenarios don’t even work on their prototype, and were faked using video prototyping. Of course, that’s besides the point. The idea was to communicate the concept and its potential. And that they did very well. If they faked it, it’s even better – it means they know their stuff.

Of course, the feedback they got so far only means they have a strong concept, that got people interested and could work well. There are lots of details to get right before we can see this concept turn into a successful product.


2 Responses to “The sixth sense from MIT”

  1. 1 Bogdan

    Well, I wouldn’t call it a sixth sense, but still it’s pretty nice to have the Internet at the tip of your fingers. However, the biggest problem is that you still need to have the device with you if you want to use it.
    I would rather have ubiquitous online access, than having to remember to strap my webcam / projector thing around my neck.

  2. 2 stauciuc

    Hi Bogdan,
    Well, what do you mean by ubiquitous online access? Even if you have internet provided everywhere, you still need to receive it somehow.
    It can’t be terminals, because that’s old and clunky. Can it be objects themselves? To some degree, yes, though I can’t really see apples with internet access.
    Difficult question…
    Now that I think about it, I guess this concept is about making a tool that one can use in every day life (adding a technology layer to self, in a way), while what you are suggesting is a layer of interconnected and context-specific services (adding a technology layer to the world, in a way)
    Does that make sense?

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