Library, Kids and the Internet


Some time has passed now since I’ve finished this project, and it was about time I wrote something about it.

For my first year’s individual project in the IxD school, I had the fortune of working with the Library in Huskvarna, on their Room as a Medium project.

[scroll down to bottom for videos and presentation]

I had two main learnings during the project:

On working with kids, I learned:

  • the ‘mode’ they’re in is very important, and determines the kinds of activities to prepare . When they’re in ‘free-time mode’, it’s not at all easy to keep their interest, and you must strive to entertain them constantly or you’re lost – as I had seen in a previous project. When they’re in ‘school mode’, you should still try hard for entertainment and find out what’s interesting for them, but there is a bit more space for simple discussion, asking some questions and getting some answers (which is very time-efficient sometimes). This is especially true when they are accompanied by their teacher or some kind of authority figure.
  • working with different languages is also interesting. Especially trying to convince them that it’s not necessary to speak English when there is a translator available
  • you should always be confident with kids, and know exactly what you’ll do next. This one I’ve learned from Rob before, but also got to test in this project.

On design process, I learned:

  • practice what you preach. Pressed by time, I almost chose to go ahead with only one solution at one particular point. Luckily, I got some good advice from my mentor, and came up with three possible solution at that stage (yes, there had been many more before)
  • time management: I must learn how to better evaluate my time and how much can be done within a certain interval. It sucks to have to adjust promisses to clients.
  • don’t limit yourself more than needed. Just because you have limited resources doesn’t mean you can only think inside the box.

I also got to practice some of my sketching and prototyping skills, which was pretty cool!

I’m really glad I was a part of this project. Thanks a lot to Lo Claesson, Gunvi Carlsson and Irene Rask for being such great ‘clients’!

Below are the slides used for the final presentation I gave on the project. It includes links to each of the supporting videos.

Here are the supporting videos separately, as well:

The recording of the presentation should appear in the school’s showroom soon. Until then, you can find it on Vimeo (I’m the second one in this video).

Let me know your thoughts!


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