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I’ve used SAS quite often recently because of their good prices and operated routes, and I must say their website service usability is simply awful. I’ll get to other problems some other time, but here’s a good one I found today:

A long time ago, I registered for their EuroBonus program. They sent me a client number.

However, when trying to register my flight to the program, I couldn’t succeed. “Wrong number”, it said. Their own number, which I copy-pasted from the confirmation email, didn’t work!

And yet, I managed in the end…

How did I do it? I removed the spaces from the number!!!

While the idea of formatting the number using spaces, to make for better readability, was of course a good one, it was only taken half way! The form was stupid enough not to remove the blank spaces.

I guess not too many SAS clients are really using their EuroBonus program…At least not online.


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  1. 1 stauciuc

    PS. The membership number I used in this example is not the real one, of course. Just in case you considered trying it…

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